Tori Spelling is selling a new book so that she can buy a vasectomy. At one point she talks sh-t about Katie Holmes. Apparently she and Katie were friends when Katie was on Dawson’s Creek. Then they ran into each other years later at their vocal coach’s office after Katie married Tom Cruise. This is how Tori describes the encounter:

“As I sat waiting outside his music room, I heard his prior appointment working with him in the other room. It was some actress singing horribly off-key … That made me feel better. I heard him say good-bye and then the actress walked out of the room. It was Katie Holmes. I didn’t know whether we should hug or shake hands. But the signal from her was immediately clear: Don’t even come close. I instantly got nervous. We clearly weren’t going to catch up on the last ten years. And we certainly weren’t going to talk about her husband, Tom Cruise.”

Spelling says she complemented Holmes on her daughter, Suri, explaining she had two kids of her own. “Oh, do you?” Spelling remembers Holmes saying.

“Then I was annoyed,” Spelling says. “Come on. Okay, I know you’re busy. But you’re in the public eye. Don’t tell me you don’t follow the tabloids. Don’t tell me you don’t know anything about other celebrities and their kids.
“Then we stood there. She was just plastic. In a perfectly polite way….My pits were drenched. I never sweat. It was that awkward. I thought, I know you’re not a robot because you can’t sing for s**t .”

I’m not in the business of defending Katie Holmes. But step off, Tori Spelling. You married Kevin Federline Jr. Katie Holmes doesn’t need to be talking to Mrs Kevin Federline Jr. Tori Spelling and Ebola Hilton? Perfect. That’s on the same level. Katie Holmes and Kevin Federline Jr’s wife? Come on now.