Last year on Valentine’s Day, Katie Holmes was just putting her exit plan together, slowly freezing out all of Tom Cruise’s Scientology spies. So she’s single now, and living in New York, and her friends are trying to convince us that:

“She's become a real-life version of Carrie Bradshaw as far as her love affair with the city.”

I feel like this might be a better way to describe Suri. Suri’s the one with the crazy outfits.

Here’s Katie out with a friend after lunch the other day. If Katie is Carrie, would this be her Miranda? I could get behind it, you know? Introduce me to her friends. Where do they go for martinis? Which one adopted an Asian child who doesn’t get to speak in the movies?

And how will Katie really be spending the day? She told E! that she’ll be with Suri:

"We have a lot of good plans—we're gonna do some cooking classes, gonna go to the spa. I know, it's gonna be a tough weekend."

I hate seeing kids at the spa. Isn’t it supposed to be relaxing?

As for Tom Cruise, he’s still in London shooting All You Need Is Kill and was seen at a pre-BAFTA party on the weekend where Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were also in attendance. Which makes me laugh because didn’t he audition Garner too?