Katie Holmes was out in NYC last night for the 25th anniversary of The Observer. She's establishing herself as a proper New Yorker now. At some point during the night, Katie was asked about fashion, and what inspires her choices. She told US Weekly that her friends help her out a lot and would tell her what works and doesn't.

Katie is wearing Dolce & Gabbana here. And looks great. So the friends, they came through. It's too bad they don't come through more often, or go through her entire collection and, you know, apply some honesty there.

As you can see, the head-tilting was set to "high" at this event. Is it because she's so tall and was conditioned to it during her marriage? Or is it an attempt to stay cutesy, the way tall girls often do, and what enrages Duana, a tall girl too, because, well, as she says, "tall is not cute".