What are YOU crying about at your desk today? The end of summer? No TIFF ticket hookups? Last night’s double elimination on Big Brother (RIP Amanada’s busty reign of terror!)? There are thousands of legitimate reasons for all of us to be miserable today. So, why then is Katie Holmes so f*cking happy?

Katie’s been snapped in her natural habitat, which is walking around the streets of Chelsea with no adult companion in sight. Usually though, she’s sporting one of two possible expressions – Lorazepam Zen or Suri Observation Protocol. Right now though, she looks happy. Like REALLY happy.

What could she be smiling about? Possibly she’s relishing the freedom to wear some shlubby flannel she found in her laundry bin, just because there’s no one around to tell her not to? A smile born from the specific pleasure of not living with a super intense short gay guy who demands you dress up at every waking moment? I’d probably be smiling over that too.

Other possible reasons Katie might be happier than the rest of us are: 1) She actually didn’t know about iPods until this week 2) Her weird outfit caused her to remember that day when she invented boyfriend jeans OR 3) That plastic bag is actually full of vibrators.