Katie’s few inches

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 18, 2013 18:22:53 November 18, 2013 18:22:53

A few inches shorter, right?

Katie Holmes was in South Africa shooting The Giver while all the major details from Tom Cruise’s deposition with Bauer Media (IN TOUCH, LIFE&STYLE) were being released over the last couple of weeks. She’s back now in New York, as least for the weekend, and …the hair is a few inches shorter, right? Or she took her extensions out. As we’ve learned, you can’t assume anything is real anymore. Certainly not hair.

As for Katie’s reaction to all the sh-t coming out about her ex-husband, she tweeted this quote the other day, which everyone took to be a shot at him. I dunno. People put that inspiration sh-t on Twitter all the time. Not sure we could call that a direct hit.

To me, what’s more telling is the other photo she tweeted here:

With the caption:

My gentle wakeup call from some sweet dreams... #thegivermovie

Those look like a child’s hands. Suri’s hands? And when Tom’s being accused of abandoning his daughter, preferring Xenu over his own blood, that’s the kind of picture that says I’m the only parent this girl actually needs.

Jackson Lee /Splash News

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