I’ve only written about this loser a couple of times on my blog and generally don’t want to make it a habit but today was too good to pass up.

Katie Price/Jordan had her tits reduced and also what looks like a nose job. And I don’t blame her. My hawk nose and her old hawk nose are actually quite similar. It’s the bump on the ridge, see? Not attractive at all. Would do anything to fix my hawk nose.

Thanks to Jordan, I now know what it would look like. And it doesn’t look half bad.

But here’s the thing – Jordan’s nemesis is one Posh Spice. Curiously enough however, Jordan appears to be morphing into Posh Spice. Compare and contrast: with the new ski jump nose and ripping off Posh style circa 2005/2006, is Jordan’s hatred for Mrs Beckham turning into an obsession? It’s lame enough to copy someone…but copying her 2 years late?


Am bored.

Why British folk so into this freak?

Attached: Victoria at the World Cup in 2006 and Victoria and David at Live 8. David needs to grow his hair again. Damn.