Katy Broke Robsten continued

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A quick summary of the situation so far:

PEOPLE reported on Monday that Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson were hanging out at a resort together in Santa Barbara on the weekend during a civilian wedding rehearsal. For some reason, that article went missing shortly after. Yesterday US Weekly reported that John Mayer showed up at Katy’s Memorial Day party and looked horny. I got shouted at over email from Twi-Hard Pattinsons that PEOPLE pulled down their story because the magazine was duped by trolls and then therefore wasn’t true. But then PEOPLE re-posted its story about Perry and Pattinson after US Weekly’s “exclusive” about Perry and Mayer, this time with additional details from the wedding party. Click here to read it.

So... Katy and Robert WERE together but Katy’s using John Mayer to deflect...?

A tabloid war is going on at the same time as the War of Bella and Edward. And all of it is Great For Gossip. It’s always great for gossip any time a friend complicates an already complicated romantic situation. Kristen Stewart has some experience with this. As noted yesterday, she and Nikki Reed were inseparable while she was still dating Michael Angarano and Reed was dealing with Pattinson. Once Stewart hooked up with Pattinson, giving in to the undeniable chemistry between them that has resulted in all kinds of moisty fan fiction and obsessive shipping, her friendship with Nikki Reed was permanently altered.

Since Stewart and Perry have the same publicist, now would be a good time for a set of “candid” pap shots.

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