What did you think of that? The wedding video/photos playing behind her during her performance? I didn’t mind that so much. I mean, I think it’s worse that she can’t sing live. And I was more offended that she stole Mimi’s swing. Only Mimi should be able to tacky swing in front of live audience, ok?

I will say though that I love Teenage Dream. It’s fun to run to. It also makes me extremely uncomfortable that my 8 year old niece knows all the lyrics. Every 8 year old knows all the lyrics. Did I know these kinds of lyrics then too? I must have done. It must be cyclical. In keeping with the children’s theme though – her dress was all kinds of Toddlers & Tiaras, non?

And what of her husband? I watched their red carpet interview with Seacrest and Grandma. There was the sense that Russell Brand wasn’t feelin’ grandma. Like, Grandma was a little bit of a buzzkill. Imagine the whole night? You can’t sneak in a titty fondle when grandma’s around. What? You don’t think these two sneak titty fondles during award shows? Were you looking for People.com?

Speaking of buzzkills though, Grandma could not have been worse than Russell’s deflating visit to Saturday Night Live. I want to know if he knows it sucked. Because it sucked from the get. And you can’t even blame it on Chris Brown. I don’t mind so much when someone like Blake Lively sucks because, well, the expectations are set down there. Russell Brand could have, should have, delivered a lot more. James Franco is better on SNL than Russell Brand. Justin Timberlake is better on SNL than Russell Brand. Gwyneth Paltrow is better on SNL than Russell Brand. Is Russell Brand supposed to be less than GOOP in terms of being funny? If I were him, I would feel shame.

Photos from Wenn.com and Mark Ralston/Gettyimages.com