Are dating.

Apparently they were all about each other at Coachella. I feel like this is a pattern. She breaks up. She hooks up. At Coachella. In 2012 there was a musician. F-ck, what was his name. Hang on, I have to Google.

Got it.

Robert Ackroyd. Florence + The Machine. You remember? Click here for a refresher. He was her rebound after Russell Brand. And then came John Mayer.

Now that she and John Mayer are done, she and Diplo were supposedly on a tour bus together. Diplo’s kinda hot from certain angles, non? (His kid is called Lockett. I really wish Duana was in front of me right now.) Fine. Good. She’s young. It’s summer. You smell it in the summer, don’t you? The smell of sex and singleness? I wish I smelled more like that through my 20s instead of being stuck periodically in stupid relationships with heinous boys. A summer of being single. Tinder for life (or at least May – September). How could that possibly be worse than being in love with John Mayer!? This is the time for hedonism. Go.