According to US Weekly, Katy Perry, having had enough of John Mayer, went out for dinner with Robert Pattinson. They didn’t end up in bed together or anything but the magazine reported that Katy would be into it if he was. Click here for a refresher. A few days later, Katy showed up at a music festival, back with Mayer, and last night the two were out for dinner at Little Door and, well, they made sure we found out about it.

This smells like a Twi-Hard production. You know how it is.


I mean, even John Mayer looks good next to that.

Is John Mayer the ideal in between?

If Sex & The City were being shot right now, would he have been cast over Dean Winters (I have always found Dean Winters super sexy) in the F-ck Buddy episode? John Mayer really is the in between, right?

In between relationships. In between serious loves. Someone you don’t have to think about. Someone you certainly won’t care about. Someone for some fun when it’s dark and hopefully not outdoors. Someone you won’t miss when you’re ready to meet the Next. Every girl needs a few of those. And girls, it’s OK to have them. It will save you a LOT of time..