They love each other.

At least that’s the narrative right now because they’re promoting their new song Who You Love. And the video too. Katy Perry and John Mayer were on Good Morning America today, together, for its release. By fame standards then, at this point they’re practically married.

As for the video…I could only get to the part where he nuzzles her hair. Why can’t it be someone I want to see nuzzling hair? Like, Brange. Or Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet? (He might be too tall for hair nuzzling.) OK then how about Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone? John Krasinski and Emily Blunt? DRAKE AND RIHANNA. An update on the Take Care video would be good you know. And waaaay better than watching Katy and John rockabilly on a mechanical horse.

I don’t even have to talk to Jacek and already I know what he thinks of John’s coat. Also, why is are the girls always smiling in the photos with him but he never is?