I’m looking at Katy Perry’s dress last night at the Grammys. Human? Is that what you call it? Click here to see how Ellen Degeneres’s reacted to Katy’s humanity.

Anyway, what did you notice about last night’s show...?

Did you notice how much better the direction was?

The cutaways at the Grammys were far superior than the cutaways at the Golden Globes, right? You know why?

Yes, because musicians are famewhores. Yes, because movie stars are too precious. But it also speaks to Hollywood hierarchy:

Movie Stars > Pop Stars > TV Stars

They don’t give a sh-t if a pop star gets mad about a cutaway. They know the pop star will come back next year. George Clooney? He might not.

Anyway, a lot of cutaways last night focused on Katy Perry. And there was a lot of Katy Perry being loved by John Mayer. As he told CBS This Morning in a new interview that aired this weekend:

"For the first time in my life, I don't feel like I'm in a celebrity relationship. I really don't. I'm not in a high-profile...I know it's high profile. I know what you’re thinking. It's hard to explain. For me, it feels like something that's very human.”

I read human and then I see her hand up his ass at a Grammy event on the weekend and I wonder, how long will the “human” phase of their relationship last. Sex glow eventually wears off. And then you finally have to like each other.

But he still very, very much likes to talk about his favourite subject: John Mayer. The video is worth watching, if only to observe Mayer try to contain himself.

So. Is this it? After Jessica and Jennifer and Taylor, is Katy Perry IT for John Mayer? Or will he eventually make his comeback and talk about coming all over her tits in an interview with Vibe?