Here are two shots of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards last November. Katy was still married to Russell Brand. This year Katy is nominated for two AMAs including Artist of the Year. So she’ll be there for sure. As Taylor is promoting a brand new album, and nominated in the country category, it’s not impossible that she’d show too… only I wonder if she’ll ask whether or not Katy is going first before confirming her attendance, seeing as Katy is still f-cking John Mayer, and out in the open now, and Taylor’s latest release I Knew You Were Trouble is probably about him. And… ummm… I don’t hate it. Are we still friends?

Here’s Katy in New York leaving dinner last night with John. They hit up a club after and were apparently all over each other. Look at him all smug and self-satisfied knowing you know he’s getting it on the regular from someone as hot as she is.