If you’d have asked me who I would have predicted to pull out the ching-chong eyes before the MET Gala, I would have told you Katy Perry. Dakota Johnson would not have been on my radar. Maybe it’s because I’m so surprised that Katy wasn’t offensive that I’m not totally offended by her outfit. She did not go with the theme, great. Instead, it was silly and loud and coordinated with Madonna in Moschino which… you know what? At the MET Gala, it’s fine. I’ll take this over Rachel Weisz. And I’ll take Madonna too because I like seeing her in a long gown for a change. Lately it’s been so much underwear and tights, so much same, same, same. She knew then to give the underwear and tights a break. Save them for the tour.

And when was the last time Madonna’s looked so soft and pretty? Her face? Really, really pretty. The softest and the prettiest she’s looked in a few years. Maybe it’s all the peacemaking.


Girls night out.......... Kissing the Ring........Finally! #metball

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Um. Where’s Taylor Swift?

In Tokyo. Don’t think she doesn’t know though. Oh she knows.

You’ll note that Madonna and Katy were in the Moschino group with Diplo. Diplo. Again with the Diplo now?