I’ll take this over Claire Danes’s Zac Posen. And I’ll fight you on that until we’re both broken and still I won’t change my mind. Because even though Claire and Katy Perry both dressed for tricks, at least Katy’s wearing a legitimate garment, and not a f-cking Christmas tree.

And when you take a closer look, Katy’s Prada is actually on theme. Several different fabrics are represented here. Old world velvet and now world leather with future world keys. And it’s been precisely constructed to her body, even though it’s not totally original. Because it definitely feels familiar, non? I can’t be bothered right now but Madonna’s performed in something like this. And Beyoncé’s tried a similar vibe.

The crime for most people here is the hair. Once again, though, I would like to suggest perspective. Whatever it is that Katy’s hair is doing at the MET Gala is miles less offensive than what it was doing at the Golden Globes.

Her hair at the Golden Globes was an insult to hair. Her hair last night at the MET Gala was intended to be an idea. I’m not mad at that.

What makes me mad is that, in typical Katy Perry fashion, she couldn’t just leave it at that. She and Orlando Bloom had to go and carry around their own matching Tamagotchis all night, like it’s the new promise ring for the too-cool quirks.

That’s Katy Perry. You’re good. And you’re ready to walk away after a pleasant experience. And she can’t help herself and takes it one extra step to annoy you.