Katy Perry and Rihanna I mean. Last week during the VMA playback, with Duana in my hotel room, we both giggled every time the camera cut over to the two of them seated together, whispering conspiratorially. No matter how famous they are, it’s an image that’s easily relatable.

It’s been exactly a year since Katy and Russell Brand started dating. Quick love was followed by a proposal and a wedding appears to be imminent as Rihanna organised a girls’ trip to Vegas to celebrate the end of Katy’s single days. It’s probably the only weekend both of them have free in a long time. Imagine trying to coordinate those two schedules?

They hung out by the pool at the Hard Rock, then hit up some Cirque du Soleil, and then it was the club route, and Just Jared also reports that there was a cake involved, something raunchy, with C-NTGRATULATIONS written in icing across the top. Cute, right?

But what do you call it?

For North Americans it’s widely known as a Bachelorette party. I hate this word, Bachelorette. So lame. Bachelor is equally so. In the UK they say Hen Night which is marginally, but not much, better.

In Canada, among our friends, we use Stag. Example: Jacek is at Matt’s stag in Palm Springs. It’s quicker, eliminates the need for the two word reference and takes away the need to put “party” in there. Sounds much less desperate. I like it for both men and women. Ie. Claudia’s stag is next weekend. She says she doesn’t want strippers, thank God. But some people get all picky sh-t about the fact that Stag should only apply to men. Ugh. Why? And Stag-ette sounds just as dumb.

Jacek says this matters way more to me than it does to anyone else. Probably true.

Photos from Flynetonline.com and GSI