It’s controversial. We will fight. I know this. But Katy Perry’s Zac Posen was my best. It was cheeky and flattering and looked like nipple pasties with sequins but on her, it was a perfect choice. The detail is exquisite, and well, there’s something about this relationship with Russell Brand. Made her relevant again. And definitely cooler. And his shirt, open down to his balls, is really the best thing over.

How can you not laugh?

Katy is currently recording her all important 2nd album, the one that will determine once and for all if she’s a flash. Apparently she’s taking her time with it, feeling the pressure of expectation but word is she’s working with a strong writing team, eager to produce “a record that I can never make again”. Kinda eyerolly, sure, but when there’s a JailBait around, you learn that these eyeroll moments are really all relative.

Photos from Jen Lowery/ and Larry Busacca/Christopher Polk/