Katy Perry and Russell Brand watched the much-hyped new Lakers lose their home opener last night. (If I had the time I would manage a Charles Barkley appreciation Tumblr because... he’s a treasure, he really is.)

Anyway, Russell was there with two young companions and it seemed like (at least to me) it was a Big Brother or a volunteer situation, which, obviously, is super sweet. At one point he went up to greet David Beckham and the kids had their pictures taken with him.

Katy showed up with her funky fresh dad and, judging by the pictures, was acting pretty extra, and we’ve all been there before, haven’t we? An encounter with an ex and you don’t want to show your nerves so you overcompensate by being “fun and cheerful!” only to realise later how obvious it was?? 

In a perfect Gossip World, John Mayer would have been there with her instead.