A year ago they were in India getting married and petting tigers. To celebrate their one year wedding anniversary, Katy Perry and Russell Brand spent the weekend in New York. They went on a bike ride. They did not wear helmets. Is it not law? I don’t think it’s law in Toronto either. Or Montreal. Where there are “Bixi” bike rentals at stops around downtown; you pay $5 or something through a machine like a parking metre to rent a bike for 24 hours and they can be returned at any other location. Very convenient, very popular, and no bike comes with a helmet.  Then again, some people don’t think a helmet is required with a bike. There’s a dude in Vancouver who believes the law is unconstitutional. Click here to read about that. I can see his point, and the argument being made by bike enthusiasts who are anti-helmet for sure. But I’m so f-cking clumsy, I know I would die without one, if, that is, I had the balls to get on a bike and ride around the city.

Tangent aside, Katy and Russell have made it to their paper anniversary. If her Twitter is any indication, it sounds like it was a quiet night in with a documentary. I am happy for them. I love them. I want them to be ok. I want him not to be annoyed with her. I want her to not have been too young to marry. I want them to make it to their Tin Anniversary which would be their 10th anniversary, which will be what I’ll be celebrating on November 2nd, hopefully far away, on a kick-ass trip we’ve been planning for over a year, if we can get to Friday, and our dogs feel better... because they’re both having such horrible health issues right now, I’m tempted to cancel.

Anyway, I really do hope Katy and Russell last a decade and more. Famous people rarely do, with separate work schedules on top of all the relationship challenges celebrities face. You get the sense though that underneath those tight pants, Russell Brand takes commitment seriously, has a different approach to it than your average garden variety famewhore, and as such, I think he tries harder than most. The question is...will that be enough?