Maria was just wondering in the previous post about the launch of Tidal about the absence of some major recording artists from the announcement, including Katy Perry. The Tidal presser happened in New York yesterday, late afternoon. Katy Perry? She was in New York too.

Last night she stepped out for a Chanel party with Karl Lagerfeld. It was a Hudson River cruise. Katy was with her good friend Mia Moretti. And she was hanging out with Dakota Johnson and Cara Delevingne and some people who are related to Kanye West’s wife. Including Kanye West’s wife’s mother. And that’s interesting because, as you know, some of these people also hang with Taylor Swift who’s been meticulously colonising friends, kinda like she’s England and Katy’s France. It’s the Third Hundred Years’ War. (Amazing the sh-t you retain from Grade 7 History.)

Interestingly enough though, as Maria pointed out in the article below, neither one of them has made an alliance yet with Tidal. Or, if they have, they weren’t present for the major declaration. And you have to wonder what those negotiations might look like. Between managers and agents etc. At what point does Jay just say, cut the sh-t, let me talk to Taylor and Katy directly and make this deal now? Who says no to Jay and what are the repercussions of that?