What an awful dress.  Really, with everything available to you, you choose this?  What does this say about what you want to do with your Grammy night?  Katy Perry never chooses a dress by accident so she must want this to do something.  Some sort of Betty Draper In Repose type thing, with the bouffant?  I don’t know.   
It makes me think of Rihanna, of course. How they’re friends, and had almost the same amount to do tonight, but that everything Rihanna does seems effortless, especially when compared to Katy.  

I just…I feel bad for her.  Her breakup song is hastily put together, and she’s getting none of the catharsis that Adele is rocking on a daily basis.  She has some tunes, and yet of all of them – Firework being the most catchy as far as I’m concerned – tonight’s is never going to become a breakup anthem.  She’ll never scream it joyously to a stadium of people and have them really scream it back to her.  Lest you think I’m only talking about Adele, remember Kelly Clarkson and “Since You Been Gone”?  That kind of catharsis where you, the singer, and all the 24 year old girls who have been there, comfort each other?

Katy needs that, and she’s so far from it, in her multicoloured jumpsuit that I assume is available at American Apparel, I felt bad for her.  

If they’re smart, the next time we see Perry it will be stripped down, no makeup, sitting in a chair in a t-shirt singing a song.

They won’t, of course. It would be nothing. I bet she knows this.

But that means she has to keep selling the cotton candy Betty Boop girl.  I bet she’s tired.