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Girl Sh-t Is The Best Shit. It should be the subtitle of this blog -- LaineyGossip: Girl Sh-t Is The Best Sh-t.


Because Brenda and Kelly, Blair and Serena, the Barden Bellas -- friendships are complicated and exhilarating and dramatic, both as you experience them and as you observe them.

Katy Perry released her new song Roar yesterday. People are saying it sounds like Sara Bareilles and/or Pink. Whatever you think it sounds like, whatever you think of it period, Roar is already a Smash. I heard it 3 times on my commute home last night and another 3 times on my ride to work this morning. It'll be like this for at least half a year.

Lady Gaga also released a new song yesterday. It's called Applause. She was supposed to drop it next week but due to leaks etc, she decided to go ahead with it a week early. So then her fans (about as Twi-Hard as they come) were Twitter-fighting Katy's fans and Gaga had to tell them all to chill the f-ck out because she and Katy support each other and even tweeted each other on the weekend. Some people don't believe her.


Girl Sh-t?

I don't want to believe it's Girl Sh-t. Not that these two aren't capable of it but at this point, there's no reason not to believe that Gaga was doing it to prevent leaks. After all, Kanye and Jay were dropping albums close together and no one called it Boy Sh-t. IF however it keeps going down like this at the VMAs and in the fall for the full album releases, well, then we have a lot more to go on. But don't you want to know who's scheduling those performances? Katy, Gaga, AND Kanye, and Miley have committed to the show. The VMAs have been steadily declining in entertainment value for years.

Backstage is what we need to see more of.

In other Katy Perry Girl Sh-t news, she and Rihanna went out for dinner last night. She also posted a photo of the two of them on Twitter. No Chris Brown, no Girl Sh-t.

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