Katy Perry performed at the amfAR gala last night in Cannes. AmfAR is always on the Thursday night. And it’s the unofficial end of the festival. By Friday most press have already left so that they can go home and reclaim their weekends and their lives. When I used to cover Cannes for etalk, amfAR was always our last assignment. We’d pack up as soon as the carpet was over, go get drunk all night, and head to the airport at the crack of dawn.

This year amfAR Cannes seemed way less well-attended. I wonder if people wanted to get home even earlier. And I wonder if they’ll start pushing it up a day, to the Wednesday, to avoid so many people taking off. Also Sharon Stone wasn’t there. And she’s a fixture at amfAR Cannes. Supposedly, this year, the rumour is that she was asking for too much money from a jewellery company to fly her out? Her rep claims that’s bullsh-t. Maybe she was tied up with Sebastian Stan. This is what I’m imagining, please don’t f-ck with my fantasy. 

Another constant fixture at amfAR in Cannes – Harvey Weinstein. And perhaps that’s why Katy is wearing Marchesa. You know, for a Marchesa dress, I’ve seen a lot worse. Like, I don’t hate this, for who it is and where she is. Think about the sh-t Katy Perry normally wears. In comparison, by her standards and by Marchesa standards, this is actually a good look. Especially in Cannes – where drama and extra are totally OK. It might also be political, strategic. Because, well, her boyfriend’s career isn’t exactly thriving. And don’t tell me Orly wouldn’t love an opportunity to get close to Harvey, see if he can’t get sh-t going again, because right now, he really is his character in Elizabethtown, busting everything on a bad shoe.