Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift got into it on Twitter the other day. Click here for my analysis on the situation. And for those of you who insist that Nicki was targeting Taylor, click here for Buzzfeed’s solid case in defence of Nicki, and how she was consistent with her original message before Taylor even jumped in. If anything, she was referring to Miley Cyrus and Wrecking Ball.

As you saw, Taylor found herself in the rare position of not being the winner in this fight. The media scolded her. The internet scolded her. And after everyone came in with their criticisms of her, after it had been established by mainstream outlets like Time and the Guardian and etc etc etc that Taylor was wrong, in came Katy Perry, yesterday late afternoon:

Does EL James ghost-write for Katy Perry?

Anyway, after taking her shot at Taylor, and showing us that she hates English, Katy then followed with a tweet bigging up her friend Rihanna:

Is Taylor a hypocrite? Yeah.

Was she accusing Nicki of girl on girl drama when she’s using girl on girl drama for personal gain? Yeah.

It’s not like the internet and all the think pieces haven’t already made that point. But Katy smelled blood. And went for it. Which, in this case, is like jumping in late on a fight with a sideswipe - a weasel move.

Weasel move?

Works for me!

I’m a c-nt faced gossip hag who loves girl sh-t. And Katy Perry just served it up, confirming that she hates Taylor Swift and that Taylor Swift hates her. 

Remember though, you can’t later on claim to be above it and classy when you’re delivering drop-kicks from the blind spot.

So. Taylor’s move now. What next?

She plays two shows in Boston (at Foxborough) this weekend. As we’ve seen, Taylor lives for friend-flaunting on stage. But we’ve only seen Taylor Swift friend-flaunt after victories. What does her friend-flaunting look like when she’s coming off a loss?