John Mayer performed last night in Brooklyn. And since he and Katy Perry duet together on Who You Love, he brought her out on stage to sing with him. Do you like this song? Because I don’t like this song. I don’t like any of his songs. I like more of her songs than his songs. Yeah I said it. I prefer Katy Perry’s music to John Mayer’s music.

But John Mayer writes his own music and plays his own instruments. Which means, automatically, that he’s superior. No, actually, sometimes pre-cooked frozen food that you pop into the microwave tastes better than made-from-scratch recipes, depending on who’s in the kitchen.

He would disagree, obviously. At least that’s what he suggested on Good Morning America yesterday. After several of you sent emails about the interview, I finally watched it last night. John says that when he visits Katy in the studio, he feels like puking when he hears her songs. And then he plays his own work for her on his iPhone and she, naturally, agrees that it’s much better. Yep, that’s actually how it went down. Click here to see for yourself. Yeah, that’s about right. As if John Mayer could fall in love with a woman he considered to be his equal.