Katy Perry has reportedly registered a song called 1984. That’s when she was born. But, not surprisingly, and understandably, everyone’s wondering whether or not it’s a slap-back to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood off her smash hit album 1989.

Come on. This is not a reach. We’ve been talking about how they hate each other for months. We’ve been talking about how Taylor is basically friends with everyone BUT Katy and John Mayer. And now Katy’s singing a song about 1984 and we’re supposed to assume it’s NOT about her nemesis?

Question: you think Katy Perry’s read Orwell? Hollywood is Airstrip One. Or maybe Taylor is the Queen of Oceania. She’s the Big Sister who controls her friends, who rules the industry, and Katy Winston is planning a rebellion. She’s the Katniss who will take down the authority.

Or maybe she’ll shock us all and 1984 will be a reconciliation song – Katy extending peace through song, music and lyrics by John Mayer. That might not be a bad play. Making herself look like the gracious one and putting the pressure on Taylor to reciprocate. But the song has to be good.

Attached – John Mayer in New York today.