God that made me happy yesterday when Miley Cyrus Twitter-slapped Katy Perry for shaming her tongue by jamming it in her Twitter-face that John Mayer is a pig and Russell Brand’s tongue probably travelled the world. Miley followed up with another tweet later on:

She’s The BEST. And it was a great day in gossip.

Katy eventually replied to Miley’s shots with a tweet of her own:

Conciliatory, right? It was a “let’s laugh this off” tweet. She knows she doesn’t have what it takes to hit back hard. Or, oh wait, does she?

Because I saw that tweet yesterday. But now I don’t see it anymore. I just checked with Melissa Grelo too – she’s like the Yoda of Twitter – and she doesn’t see it either. It’s gone. Katy pulled it down. Katy rescinded her olive branch. If she doesn’t want to make up does that mean she wants to throw down? Good. Fine. But Miley fights like a roughneck. I’m not sure Katy can handle it.