Katy Perry will not be attending the Grammy Awards tonight. She did, however, host her own pre-Grammys party on Saturday and hopes to make the event an ongoing Grammys tradition, telling the New York Times that she wanted to create an event for the “creators” only – not managers, not publicists, but just the artists. Her goal is to “start the MET Ball of music”. (Isn’t that Clive Davis’s party?)

Given who she’s partnered with though, that might be a stretch. Spotify was one of the major sponsors. The Carters obviously weren’t showing up. And both Adele and Taylor Swift, who were invited, have both declined to have their music streamed on Spotify. Katy confirmed to the NYT that both were asked to come but that “It’s just up to their schedules”. Bad Blood aside, there was no way either of those two would be posing at a step-and-repeat with Spotify on the wall behind them. And even though Katy was open to her guests coming in through the garage, with no press obligations, it’s kinda like… what’s the point?

Katy insists that the involvement with Spotify doesn’t mean she’s aligning with them over Tidal and Apple. And she clarifies that she definitely will work with both Tidal and Apple in the future. Spotify just happened, she says, to be the first contact for her to figure out what streaming services would mean for her work and her music. But when two of her most successful peers have openly, and quite publicly, declared that they would not be hanging out with Spotify, Katy’s alignment with them, at least to me, seems that much more pronounced, doesn’t it? Is this what music will look like in a few years? Instead of belonging to labels, the way it’s been forever, will artists be factioned off by streaming service? 

On the personal side, Katy was seen at Adele’s show at the Wiltern the other night with Orlando Bloom. According to almost every media outlet from E! to PEOPLE and US Weekly and more, they are for sure a thing. John, by the way, was also at Adele’s concert, and he too had a date with him.

I’m not sure that Orly B is an update on John Mayer though. A reader called Stefani emailed me this weekend about “mocktors”, whether or not we could make that happen as the male equivalent of the “mocktresses”, a term The Hollywood Reporter came up with a few years ago to describe the Jessica Alba and the Kate Bosworths of the industry. Orlando Bloom is totally a mocktor. Seriously, what does he do?

Oh and Katy’s hair at her own party…? It’s your party. So why wear a hairstyle that’s now so firmly associated with Kanye West’s wife and her sisters?