Twi-Hards are spitting at the new cover of US Weekly

Katy Wants Rob: Their Secret Dinner Date

Even though the publicist-friendly Gossip Cop disputes that it went down, US reports that Katy  Perry and Robert Pattinson, both of them fresh off romantic anguish, had dinner on August 23 at Soho House in West Hollywood. Just the two of them. They weren’t on top of each other or anything but Katy was supposedly acting flirty and “a little touchy-feely”. The article suggests that it’s Perry who would be interested in more if Pattinson reciprocated. She’s been reaching out over the last few weeks since he found out about Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders and he apparently sympathised in return when John Mayer dumped her over email, allegedly. At least that’s her version of events. As I wrote last week, I’m not convinced Katy Perry had any expectations of John Mayer. Framing their split this way - that she was falling for him and thus disappointed - certainly works in her favour.

So is it actually happening, whatever it is or not between her and Pattinson?

US’s sources claim that she sees him differently now that he’s been love-crushed. Even though they’d known each other a while, before he was too soft and sweet for her sensibilities. But there’s an edge to him now that she finds attractive. And they’re bonding over the fact that they were both “played” by their partners (sort of)...

As the Twi-Hards demand vengeance!


Robert could never stop loving Kristen!

#Robsten IsUnbroken!

Look, from everything I ever heard about how he felt about her, it would surprise me if it didn’t take him a long time to get over it, if ever. But maybe they have to take a few detours to find their way back? Or maybe Stephenie Meyer will write their way back for them.

More details including what Pattinson’s friends are predicting about whether or not he and Katy are possible are in the new issue of US Weekly.