Katy Perry donated $10,000 to a school in Australia for her This Is How We Do school competition in Australia. I like the song, in spite of myself. But…have you ever listened to the lyrics? I’m not sure if this is the song you want representing youth engagement. Roar would have been better, hmmm? She’s still a Roar fraud but at least on surface sentiment, it’s definitely more appropriate.

But OK, whatever. She donated some money to children and education and that’s beyond criticism, right? Well…

Here’s an article that appeared in the Guardian this weekend – click here. The school Katy chose is an independent girls’ college in a swanky Melbourne neighbourhood with a well-funded arts programme in part from tuition fees that are upwards of $10K a year for each student. She chose this school over other schools that serve other students without the same socio-economic advantages. And that choice is now being questioned – click here to see. Or, as the Guardian put it:

“… Perry awarded this cash prize to a school flush with financial power, elite connections and all the advantages that being based in Melbourne’s most affluent suburb afford. In short, she gave it to the school that needed the money the least.”

It’s Katy Perry though. What did you expect? Did you expect her to do her research and to closely examine the criteria and to make an informed, compassionate decision? Token empowerment has always been Katy’s brand.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Diplo, is still being a punk on Twitter. Last week, he got into it on social media with Lorde when he disrespected the shape of Taylor Swift’s ass. Click here for a refresher. In response to Lorde saying he has a small dick, Diplo tweeted this:

Yes. Lorde is 18 years old. Diplo is double her age, 36. So …who’s the f-cking jackass?

And he kept going!

With this:

And this:

So that’s what Katy Perry has inside her every night. This guy.