Taylor Swift played Boston this weekend. And during Bad Blood, a shark showed up over her left shoulder.

As you know, Bad Blood is widely believed to be about Katy Perry. And the bad blood was over tour dancers. And Katy had two sharks dancing with her on stage at the Super Bowl. And one of those sharks, the “left shark” made headlines for f-cking up the dance moves.

Oh my God, these girls.

The attention to detail that they put into their battles is terrifyingly awesome. It’s gossip jet fuel. Here’s the video for it if the photo isn’t enough:

Petty? Yes.

Childish? Of course.

But is one worse than the other? Oh come on. Katy Perry didn’t have to step into the Taylor Swift-Nicki Minaj situation. Nicki was handling it perfectly fine on her own. But who can resist a Twitter war? Like I said last week, you can’t claim to be above it, and then come in with a brass knuckle from the back door.

Katy was in Minnesota this weekend performing at the Starkey Hearing Foundation gala. She wore white with side ruffles on the carpet and then a fluffy ball gown during the show.