Keanu Reeves was in New York for the premiere of John Wick on Monday night, the same day he was on Reddit for an AMA. I wasn’t paying attention the last time he did an AMA but there’s a quirk. A Keanu Reeves quirk: he answers a lot of questions with “today”.

Example: how do you like your eggs?
Today, I like my eggs over-easy.

It was more than once. It was more than twice. It was a LOT. I think I might be charmed by it. I think I might think it’s cute.

When he wasn’t talking about “today”, he said that Sandra Bullock is his most famous friend, responded to some rumours that he might be Dr Strange, thereby making the rumours even louder, expressed enthusiasm about a Bill & Ted sequel (they’re trying), and confirmed that he is not Jesus. He also used more exclamation points that I would have expected.

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As for John Wick…

It’s currently rating 100% on Rotten Tomatoes! No sneezing!

John Wick is camp and ridiculous. And doesn’t pretend to be more. This is what critics are responding to. Just a good time at the movies where the assholes get shot in the face. A LOT. Or maybe it’s because beagles make everything better.