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Europe is stunning. And exciting and romantic and delightful, particularly when you’re lucky enough to be with your friends. I can’t say enough about it.

Which is why I’m glad we’ve had some hiccups along the way, because happy people make for boring columns. Highlights have included dressing Lainey in my clothes when her bags got lost, and watching her struggle to say she hated them without using the word ‘hate’, a cabdriver who decided to lecture us as though we were teenagers and he was our dad, and my quest to discover why the blogger you know and love needs to start every day with a papaya. Just a papaya. Honestly.

But the other amazing part is that I get to pitch in on the blog and triumph where a certain brunette is concerned…see below.


Here’s Keanu Reeves at the London Film Festival premiere of ‘Anvil’. Let it be noted that he doesn’t really age. And never takes a bad photo. He’s middle-aged, but there’s no middle-aged bloat. Remember when Matthew Perry looked like a balloon came out of his neck? Keanu doesn’t have that. Keanu has never created a scandal. But he left the Ivy last night with an unidentified woman. And this morning, as Lainey and I battled over electrical outlets and debated whether or not you can wear sneakers into Chanel in Paris (verdict: nope) we discussed his ‘growing friendship’ with Trinny Woodall.

I’ve always had a healthy respect for Trinny and Suzannah, who host the original BBC version of What Not To Wear. They’re smart and funny and self-effacing. But Trinny Woodall may not be doing so well, despite being seen around Keanu and his motorcycle, as evidenced by the fact that she’s widely reported to be wasting away.

I have lots of questions about these two. Where on earth did they meet in the first place? How does an American A-minus lister start talking to what the BBC would call a ‘television presenter’? And second – can it happen? Perhaps it’s the fact that we BARELY MADE IT onto a train that’s currently hurtling toward London – but the city seems treacherous, particularly for lovers. Backing up this not-at-all scientific theory is a list of London-L.A. romances – those who started out on opposite oceans:

Gwyneth and Chris
Gavin and Gwen

….Madonna and Guy

All power couples who have encountered struggles with their unions in one way or another.

Course, Keanu’s not that famous, which in his case is a good thing – but Trinny is a tabloid staple in London, if not abroad. Are these two unimportant enough that London/LA could actually work?

And who’s the mystery woman?

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