Where his abilities are much more appreciated than they are in English speaking parts of the world. Here’s Keanu being honoured at the FilmAID Power Of Film Gala in Hong Kong last night. In Hong Kong it doesn’t matter that he can’t sneeze convincingly. It matters more that he can play the martial arts. And why not? Here in North America the box office is being ruled by a man who unquestionably cannot act. Why then is Keanu so often the recipient of our shits and giggles? Perhaps it’s a matter of control and era too. Channing Tatum is controlling his own career at a time when performers are being afforded those opportunities and very intelligently he’s taking advantage of his opportunity.

Keanu is an interesting case study. By all accounts, in real life he is not stupid. Like most actors, though, he’s made some bad choices. Sometimes I feel like his bad choice are held against him more than some of his peers. You’ll note that Channing Tatum has never been blamed for the failure that was The Son of No One.

Perhaps it’s a question of personality. There is a detachment to Keanu Reeves that Channing Tatum doesn’t have. Keanu is troubled and complicated and those attributes are harder to sell when your box office is slumping.