We've seen many faces of Keanu Reeves over the years. There's Keanu the insanely successful blockbuster star, Keanu the art house gay-ish muse, Keanu the idiot, Keanu the romcom leading man, Keanu the sad Chateau Marmont cliche. Now say hello to Keanu the director.

The trailer for his first feature film, called Man of Tai Chi, has been released and, while it's probably not what you were expected from him, it also confirms some assumptions we've all been making about him for some time now.

The plot is that, through the powers of Tai Chi, a seemingly ordinary guy has harnessed God-like fighting ability, but ALSO through Tai Chi, he's learned to control his power. That is until an evil martial arts enthusiast (played by Keanu) tricks the Man of Tai Chi into a series of deadly battles that will force him to show off his fighting skills. It's basically the exact plot of that episode of Buffy where Cordelia is being a bitch and forces Buffy to use her beauty to join the competition to become May Queen, except there's fighting instead of high school popularity campaigning.

I think there are two big takeaways from viewing this trailer, and the first is that Keanu Reeves is such a f*cking nerd. After watching this preview, whenever I imagine what Keanu Reeves is doing with his days off (c'mon, you do it too), I will now know that he's in his zen sand garden in the back of his temple-inspired Malibu mansion doing Tai Chi with the world's fanciest Tai Chi guru, dressed in a robe covered in embroidered with ying yang symbols. Keanu’s interest in Chinese culture is actually impressive and probably really rewarding...but that doesn't mean it's not super geeky. And when geeks have a lot of money? Sh-t. Gets. Weird.

The other, more important, thing about this trailer is that it looks f*cking awesome! The fighting looks crazy, which isn't so surprising when you learn the lead actor was Keanu's stunt coordinator from the Martrix. There also appears to be some kind of b-plot involving a tough but beautiful lady cop? "We want to see a pure hearted man of Tai Chi become a killer"? Me too!