But is he a genius?

That’s the thesis of the article – new issue of Details, Keanu Reeves on the cover looking mildly waxy but still it’s nice to see his face beneath what seems to be a permanent scruff.

Keanu is promoting the upcoming holiday blockbuster The Day the Earth Stood Still and hooked up with the magazine at his favourite book store for the interview, impressing and even seducing the writer so much that he appears to have developed a little man crush which actually reads really cute.

The point?

Keanu loves books. Keanu knows books. Keanu is so much smarter than anyone ever gives him credit for. For me though it was never a question about his intellect. I’ve no doubt Keanu isn’t dumb. My problem with Keanu is that…

… it’s uncomfortable watching him act.

One night, bored and bitchy, my best gay Darren and I went to see The Lake House. We were the assholes laughing our tits off at the romantic parts. And the sad parts. And the serious parts. All the parts. Same thing happened when I tried watching Sweet November on video a few years ago.

No doubt Keanu, by all accounts, is a good person (tortured and sad but good nonetheless) and wonderful to know he has a brain that he uses, but good people aren’t necessarily good actors. Smart good people aren’t necessarily good actors. Take him outside the special effects, give him some dialogue, and it becomes unintentionally hilarious…no matter how much he reads.

Having said that, he will next play Chris in the film adaptation of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee – LOVE the book. Chris doesn’t say much. Holds a lot of damage inside. Perfect casting. The key then is keeping the talking to a minimum. Winona Ryder as Sandra is wicked too.

Anyway, very much enjoyed the Keanu Details article. Click here for more and attached – photos of Keanu at the airport yesterday.

PS. The part about Fawn? Fascinating!

PPS. Keanu and erotic? Amazing.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com