It was yesterday. He’s 46. And he was in New York, photographed with a coffee and a cupcake, lonely but not for long, making friends with passersby and local workers, which will probably prompt yet another online “Save Keanu” petition like the first one, cheekily initiated by those worried over his appearance and solitary sadness when he was photographed a couple of months ago, in the same clothes actually, eating a sandwich all by himself on a park bench. Click here to see.

He likes to be alone with his thoughts.

He’ll soon not be alone much in Toronto, where he’s expected at the film festival. And he might also not be alone with Bill or Alex Winter who says that he and Keanu have been considering a third installment of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Bogus Adventure Journey. They’re apparently trying to come up with script ideas.

I know it sounds like a bad idea, I know. But don’t you think he might need something silly and not so... serious ... for a change?


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