For most people, when they think of Keanu Reeves, it’s The Matrix. My Keanu Reeves infatuation however peaked at Speed. That was it for me. I thought about him in Speed all the time. It went on for an entire year. I’d written so many fantasy scripts in my head that sometimes I wouldn’t leave my bed for hours.

Here’s Keanu on the New York set of Daughter Of God the other day. Obviously he plays a cop. So he’s got his Speed hair going again. And no beard. It’s been 20 years since Speed.

20 years!

And obviously it’s not exactly the same but it’s the closest to the Speed look that we’ve seen from him in a long time, non?

Writing this post sent me down a YouTube Speed tangent. I found a cute interview. He’s talking about Sandra Bullock, saying really great things about her. You can tell he’s not entirely comfortable but then… well… watch it all the way through. Try not to have a reaction, I dare you.

And the second video is of them at the premiere. Look at how they are with each other when she comes up to him for photos – their hands. Gossip Nostalgia.