The perma-pout is cloying…especially on a carpet. But if it belongs anywhere, it definitely belongs in Vogue. And so here is Keira Knightley, in one of the magazine’s most glorious photo shoots of the year, rockin’ that pout like nobody’s business, and looking appropriately morose and depressed…characteristic of all top models.

I love the one with the huge skirt blowing in the wind beside her and the motorcycles boots feeding the baby elephant and also Keira in the reeds with in safari fashion looking away…

Can you imagine Lindsay Lohan accomplishing the same thing? Ummm…negative.

PermaPout trumps Firecrotch every time.

As for the Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland premiere last night – Keira was a no show, apparently stuck on set with Sienna. Word is however she is becoming more and more recalcitrant towards promotional requests…some have rolled their eyes and called it an “anti-fame phase”, not unusual among young stars.

Apparently she doesn’t want to be scrutinised over her appearance on the heels of the anorexic accusations that have dogged her over the last few months. And of course the way the permapout accentuates what I like to call the bulimic jaw doesn’t help either.

Keira however insists she doesn’t have a problem - that she eats a lot, that she is healthy, that her body is built this way naturally and that there is nothing she can do about it.

Fact or fiction?

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