Very strong turnout at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party last night in London. I do love the British star system. It gets super low classy at times but at least it’s robust – they make celebrities out of randoms who get super famous there, but only there. And those are the people who serve as carpet fillers whenever there’s an event.

This time though, we didn’t have to rely on UK reality show stars or competition contestants. I mean if Keira Knightley shows up, you know you’re good. Especially when she’s wearing Chanel. But then again, she wears Chanel a lot. As luxury becomes more and more democratised, or Kardashian-ed, Chanel remains. Will there be a day when Kanye West’s wife can just call up Karl and be all like, hey, I need a dress? For the time being, he still keeps a small exclusive circle of favourites. Keira was joined by husband James Righton. They’ve been married a year now.

Also in attendance – Bradley Cooper with Suki Waterhouse, hand in hand. He was on his own at Glastonbury – click here for a refresher from yesterday – while she was away working but now they’re reunited and they want you to know they are happy. OK.