My mother sucks at being wrong. And in my quest to be nothing like my mother, I’ve endeavoured to always admit when I’m mistaken, even if it kills me in the process. A couple of weeks ago, after seeing Keira at the London premiere of Pirates, wearing a gold dress and flashing an alarming amount of clavicle, I – along with the rest of the gossip universe – pronounced her too thin for healthy and definitely on team anorexia. She denied it, she insisted she would never since other family members suffered from it in the past, and still no one believed her. After all, the dress was cut long, with a deep V down the middle, exposing the flatness of her chest, and hiding any curves underneath. However, as you can see from these photos taken over the weekend, Keira, while slender to be sure, is certainly not in danger of Posh or Bosworth or even Ashlee Simpson. In fact, her legs look surprisingly strong and robust, which means she’s either re-established a relationship with food or she never had a problem with it in the first place. And that, my fellow gossips, is good news indeed.