For many reasons. First because she’s addicted to her own pout. Huge jaw protruding, lips slightly gaping… fashion editors everywhere seem to think this is a good look. Or perhaps it’s only because it’s a better look than the alternative? The alternative is the Keira Knightley smile. Have you seen it? Like a mouthful of scissors or bobbing razorblades tucked into the underbite of all underbites.

But still the overall package is undeniably cute…or would be at least, if not for the attitude.

Because the other, more important reason Keira can’t smile is because she’s stuck in her “Art Gloom” phase, where she’s been uncomfortably ensconced for the better part of a year, believing that at the tender age of 22, she has the market concerned on every artist’s struggle between fame and integrity.

It’s so predictable, it’s almost endearing…if only she wasn’t so f&cking smug about her self torture. And you’d think she’d be able to crack more than just a halfhearted smile next to James McAvoy. I mean really…he’s adorable.

Here they are in New York at last night’s screening of Atonement, another season contender. Also a very strong film, especially if you read the book.

Photos from Wenn