The Duchess premieres in London tomorrow and will also screen at TIFF. The film is already receiving early Oscar buzz and Keira Knightley is once again on the first list of potential Best Actress nominees. They say she is magnificent. They say it’s her best work. 

The Duchess tells the story of Georgiana Spencer, Diana’s great x 4 aunt. A loveless marriage, some Sapphic suggestions, glamour, intrigue, style, beautiful language, and of course, a lock jaw chin and pout as only Keira can do it. Can’t wait to see it. 

Keira is now going through the promotional motions to support the film and, as she’s wont to do, Keira speaks as though what comes out of her mouth is more sage than what anyone else has ever had to say, like, ever…. Because she’s 22 and she’s an “artist.”

Generic 20 something angst aside, it’s actually not a bad interview. She tells the journalist to f&ck off several times, she calls herself a c***, and she offers up an interesting perspective on the female dynamic – like girl sh*t is the best sh*t, only slightly more eloquent. 

Best part is this: the writer actually reads her a very, very unflattering quote below, and then follows it up by asking her why women hate her:

"If you want to befriend a woman, ask her the question, 'What do you think of Keira Knightley?' In the resulting torrent of bile and loathing, you will bond."

All celebrities should be so fearless about feedback. In Keira’s case, she’s still in that poseur arty phase where she probably wears hate like a badge of honour but still… 

This is Keira today leaving a radio interview in London. For the full Guardian article, click here. It’s a good one. 

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