The power of styling products. No wonder I’m addicted to Bumble & Bumble. Two weeks ago, Natalie was verging on awkward growth and sporting a geek ‘fro. Throw in a little hair tamer and take a look at the difference. In Berlin today for the premiere of V for Vendetta. Absolutely stunning. Never mind Keira Knightley y’all. This, my fellow gossips, is true gorgessity. But a teensy complaint, if you don’t mind. This dress is killer. Perfect for her and perfect for those legs. Those are a terrific set of legs. Natalie is slight to be sure. But hers is the kind of thinness that doesn’t look forced or drugged. Some people are just born that way and they look fine because of it. My only problem is the footwear. I personally would have gone for closed toe on this occasion. And while I’m sure this pair of strappies costs more than the combined value of every appliance in my kitchen, the only sound I heard when I laid eyes on her feet was my mother’s patented screech whenever she stumbles across something that trips her low classy wire. One word. Two syllables. AI-Yaaaa! They may be super duper designer but tonight these shoes looked less than Payless. And the only thing less than Payless is flea market. Flea market footwear on a red carpet. Which is what ultimately ruined this ensemble.