UK gossips are reporting that after five years, Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend are over. As you know, British gossips aren’t exactly reliable. And they’ve probably based this story simply on the fact that Rupert showed up at an event recently without her, his mother on his arm instead, noting that things haven’t been well for a while. When contacted about a possible breakup, Knightley’s reps said they don’t comment on her personal life. That’s pretty standard.

Keira is intensely private, getting even more so it seems. Whether or not their relationship has ended is still undetermined but what’s curious to me is that she was hardly involved, if at all, in any press for the recently released London Boulevard which was released in the UK November 26. Colin Farrell was there, promoted the film in print, there were a couple of tv interviews, but other than that, it was a rather quiet open, and one that did not involve Keira at all. And while she was much more visible for Never Let Me Go, she did not travel for it, nor was there a whole lot of “extra” promotion beyond the press conference, the premiere, and limited tv, all rushed through in a two day period.

My smutty sense is tingling. Something’s up with her.

File photos from Dave Hogan/