We are just 8 days away from the craziest (literally) awards show of the year and already, the Hollywood kitty is coming out. It"s one of the only times where film and television converge on the red carpet and in most cases, those egomaniacal tv celebrities who are accustomed to being the big bitch in their little ponds receive a rude awakening when true movie stars make their glamourous arrival and blow their small screen counterparts outta the famous water. In plain English, you ask? Well…needless to say, a Hollywood minor like Eva Longoria is nothing more than a large toothed gnat next to the established elite, namely Halle and Reese and Charlize (blech) and Gwyneth and even Keira Knightley who are all expected to grace the Beverly Hilton next week. Naturally, on such a potentially smutty occasion, the gown is the primary focus. And many of your favourites are currently debating between Armani and Versace or Elie and Valentino and the list goes on and on and on. In the middle of all of this drama is none other than that famewhore Longoria and rumour has it she threw a hissy fit the other day when informed by a major designer that a dress she had her eye on was under consideration by our favourite people pleasers SJP who, despite my constant vilification, is quite obviously the higher profile star. Although eventually placated, it was a bit of a wake up call for young Eva who clearly has a case of Aniston delusion about her true standing in Hollywood. Still, the girl does have the gift of bouncing back and so I"ve also been told that she is trying to engineer a bit of a "meet and greet and maybe some more" with the newly single Leonardo DiCaprio. Eva might truly be in love with that nice French baller but it never hurts to f*ck for publicity, especially in this town. And something tells me Leo wouldn"t mind some female attention…for a change. Enough about her though. Let"s focus on a couple of young, competing starlets now, shall we? I"m hearing that Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley don"t like each other and that their publicists will be doing quite a bit of finagling to ensure that there are no awkward red carpet moments and that the two feisty bitches don"t have any opportunities to claw each others" eyes out at the post parties following the event. While my source could give me no additional information as to why they allegedly can"t stand each other, it wouldn"t surprise me if on more than a few occasions, the two have found themselves repeat adversaries while lobbying for the same role. Fighting over a man in Hollywood is one thing…but fighting over a part??? There"s nothing nastier, my friends. Absolutely nothing. After all, you have heard the legend about why Gwyneth and Winona are no longer friends…right? Stay tuned for more pre-Globes dish this week leading up the main event on the 16th. Our very first major awards show of the year. Can"t hardly wait! And NFL playoffs heat up next week too. Damn – it"s a busy 7 days ahead!