Beyond the jaw and the hideous eyebrows and the seizure-inducing pout, you want to know why I’m not a fan? It’s the fact that she doesn’t GLOW. For all the attention heaped on this 20 year old, you would think she could live up to it by absolutely lighting up on these occasions. And yet on this night, Keira was far from breathtaking. I thought the colour drowned her out, I hated the makeup, and the fact that her hair was tied up in a friggin’ BOW clip didn’t help either. All this from a girl they call the next big thing? Pul-ease. Oh…and is it really really awful for me to say that I’m not so secretly happy to see that Keira has forehead pimples too? Because wouldn’t you know it, on the eve of my 2nd talk show appearance, an enormous volcano decided to explode on my chin again. F&CK!