I see this writing on a gown now and I think of the Brange wedding. Sorry. That’s just how my mind associates since it happened.

So this Valentino on Keira Knightley, so pretty, had enough of that floating angel vibe on its own. Without the headpiece. I HATED it with the headpiece. The headpiece turned her into a child. And that made me rage at the infantilization of pregnancy. Because you don’t. You don’t have to look like a little girl if you’re expecting a little girl.

And if she was really going for something bohemian, or whatever you want to call it, a few braids in her hair would have done the job, you know?

Even still, even though I’m not sure she really brought it this entire award season, my irritation is only 50%, if that. Because I saw her tonight, with James Righton, I saw what a great time they were having with each other, how much they laughed with each other, and it’s kind of irresistible. And infectious. Starting with the moment they arrive at the same time as Lady Gaga. We were watching it on the limo cam.

Keira and James had already dismounted from the car, waiting to be escorted into the holding tent. Gaga got out of her SUV, flanked by a team of security and… I don’t know… human accessories, and kind of just pushed ahead, without stopping to say hi to anyone (which is what they all do), leaving Keira and James off to the side, like seat fillers or extras, laughing at the spectacle, having avoided being sucked into the Gaga vortex.

They maintained that light mood all the way down the carpet and when I saw them below our position on the balcony, while waiting to be shot at the final photo wall, they were still giggling with each other. At one point, James joked with Channing Tatum that he needed to be rescued and the two of them kind did this run and dash away from the step-and-repeat like they were trying to escape their wives. It’s adorable, their vibe. Like it’s Keira Knightley, KEIRA KNIGHTLEY, and she’s acting – without contrivance – as though she and her husband have just accidently fallen into a party where they don’t belong and are rolling with it until someone figures it out and tells them to leave. I’m charmed. I feel like I need to apologise but I’m charmed.