But for her pink dress, from the expressions on their faces, you’d think it was a funeral. Keira Knightley and boyfriend Rupert at the LA premiere of Atonement last night – both looking smart, as they say in Britain, and morose. Rupert in particular is freakin’ me out. Freaks me out when he tries to smile, freaks me out when he doesn’t.

However, I do like Keira’s fringe. Kinda offsets that jaw, you know? And the dress is lovely. Notice how she loves showing off her clavicle…and her small chest. Am all over the small chest. Again, small chests are underrated. How refreshing that she’s proud of hers. Why aren’t more people proud of having little tits?

If not for the fact that I’d be threatened with divorce – seriously – I’d rock a set of little tits too.

Photos from Wenn