Am sorry…it’s mean. But I’m going to hell anyway and be honest… the underbite is crazy. Also remember, she doesn"t think she"s beautiful, hates being called pretty.

Everyone"s a complainer...

Still…it’s Keira. She deserves better. And she actually works – imagine that. Here’s Keira kicking off what will hopefully, for her, be a very prestigious Autumn starting with the Venice Film Festival where she arrived today. Ms Knightley has two high profile films on the go – Silk and Atonement, both designed as critical pleasers, one or both could earn her a second Oscar nomination.

More importantly though Keira, as you can see, is trying out the high waist denim. If you can believe it, she’s actually TOO THIN for them. Or they aren’t sized properly. Look how loosely they fit on the top. You likey?